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Sell Your Second Hand or Scrap Gold Jewellery at Our Stall – Mega Cash

Monday 30th January 2017

If you are looking to sell second hand gold, then you can Sell Gold in Sydney at Mega Cash. Mega Cash also stores gold jewellery which you can buy at great prices.

If you want to sell your old gold Jewellery, Contact Mega Cash. We buy that gold with 9ct, 10ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct. We buy gold jewellery such as

•Ruby Earring,
•Diamond Ring,
•Emerald Pendant, etc.

We also buy gold jewellery which is

•Tangled or damaged,
•Single Earring,
•Jewellery with broken claps or links and
•Missing stones.

Mega Cash guarantees your confidence for the quality of the second hand gold jewellery as it has been appraised by a registered value.
So, if you are looking to buy or sell gold jewellery in Sydney, then feel free to call us on 02 9625 6511 for more information or visit us at any of our Mega Cash stores in Emerton, Mt Druitt, St Marys, Doonside and Marsden, QLD.